Ushering in a New Band of Leaders

Ammu Prashantini, MSW

It’s July, which means NASW is in its new program year…this also means that we have newly elected officers, members-at-large and Nominations Committee members.  These individuals make up the Board of Directors for NASW-NYC, help select future leadership for the NASW elections process, and are our representatives in our professional organization.  They were nominated by their peers and selected by the Nominations Committee to run and voted in by members of NASW.

I would like to point out a fact that is often not mentioned: every individual that runs for office is in a cohort of some of the most stellar social workers we have in New York City.  They are people who are not only dedicated to the profession, their clients and communities but these individuals are also committed to their social work colleagues by volunteering their time, skills and effort to help NASW be the professional voice for social workers, address workforce issues and to help shape our policies and advocacy efforts for some of the neediest populations in NYC.  Offering to run for office alone is a sign of dedication to the profession, and that says a lot.

I would like to create a welcoming space for our newly elected leadership.

This year, we have three new officers on the Executive Committee: Martha Adams Sullivan, President-Elect; Thomas Sedgwick, Treasurer; and Nancy Miller, Secretary.  We also have five new Members-at-Large:  Linda Lausell Bryant, Holly Fancher, Verona Middleton Jeter, Susan Moritz and Elizabeth Rogers.  We are happy to have Kalima Q. DeSuze re-elected on the board for a second consecutive term.  In addition to our Members-at-Large, every year NASW has two student representatives that serve a one-year term on the board.  This year we welcome Michelle Matthews, our MSW Student Board Member and Stacey Bristow, our BSW Student Board Member.

As well as our board members, we are welcoming six new members to the Nominations Committee:  Carol Barocas, Michele Feldman, Jessica Greenfield, Stella Padnos-Shea, Andrea Romano and Ruth Delores Smith.  The Nominations Committee is responsible for the selection of candidates for each position in the regular election of Chapter officers, Board members, nominations and leadership identification committee members, and delegates as stated in the bylaws.

I am looking forward to an exciting new year with our Board of Directors and look forward to the work of the Nominations Committee, as they help us usher in new leaders each year!  Thank you for running and representing our needs in this profession, and helping us celebrate our successes.

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