The Power Of Social Work: A Poem

Rolanda T. Pyle

Editor’s Note: March is Social Work Month and we wanted to kick it off with a poem by NASW-NYC Member, Rolanda Pyle.  If you would like to submit something for social work month, be it something personal or work-related, please let us know by emailing us.  To learn how you can celebrate Social Work Month click here.



Preserving rights, strengthening voices this is the social worker’s call
To improve the society we live in by helping to meet the needs of all.
We always strive to empower those who once had no voice
By showing them their options and allowing them to make their own choice.

Through legislative advocacy, service delivery, research and education
Direct practice, policy development and administration.
We open doors of access and opportunity, particularly to those in great need
And hope their lives will flourish because we have planted a seed.

The quality of life of millions are improved when we work as a team
Preserving rights, strengthening voices — happens when social workers are on the scene.
Social workers are dedicated advocates who are always ready to fight
For human, civil, women’s, children’s, crime victims’ and seniors’ rights.
Whether we work with families, communities, groups or individuals one by one,
The commitment of social workers can never be undone.

And in the field of aging social workers can be found working everywhere
With caregivers, elder abuse victims, in senior centers and in home care.
Whether at a government agency or as one of the partners in the community out there,
The love for the people and social work is what we all share.

So we honor all social workers who have chosen to serve across the country and here in New York
Social Work Matters and that’s the power of social work!


Rolanda T. Pyle is a certified social worker and her most recent position was Associate Director of the Brookdale Foundation’s Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP).  Rolanda is the former director of the New York City Department for the Aging’s Grandparent Resource Center. Rolanda’s creative writing has won poetry and short story writing awards.  She is the author of two books, “FINALLY” a collection of inspirational poetry and “Beneath His Everlasting Wings” a devotional.  Her website is

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6 Responses to The Power Of Social Work: A Poem

  1. Denise Wade says:

    Hello Rolanda,
    We have some history together, and I salute your hard work and dedication in helping those who were in need. This is my passion also, mainly because of my own personal test…now is a testimony. I’m so thankful for people like you, People get big positions and forget where they came from. Currently I am a case manager serving people who are positive. It is a challenging position, but without them it would be no challenge. My life experiences were traumatic, but it made me better…I am forever grateful!

    • Rolanda Pyle says:

      Thank you Denise!. I had a friend who once told me they wonder if we choose Social Work or if Social Work chooses us. Sometimes our experiences lead us down the road to our career. Keep doing the great work!

  2. Theresa Knox says:

    This is a wonderful tribute to social workers every where written by a social worker herself. She knows the work and the agenda on the minds of social worker alike. So hats off to all social workers and the author who in the words of Shirley Chilsom ” Service is the rent we pay for living”. Yes indeed social workers take these words to heart in their day to day deeds.

    Theresa Knox

  3. Rolanda Pyle says:

    Thank you Theresa, I do agree that the service social workers give their all for the cause. We are glad to be appreciated for our service.

  4. Maryanne Jones says:

    This poem is the core of social work practice written by a social worker. Your writing is very creative.

  5. Rolanda Pyle says:

    Thank you Maryanne and thank you for all you do.

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