A Social Worker on the Profession/Vocation: A Poem

Francis Lora

Editor’s Note: We are happy to share with our readers yet another poem in celebration of Social Work Month by NASW-NYC member, Francis Lora.  To learn about how you or your agency can celebrate the wonderful work you do this month, click here.




I specialize in cures:
Talking Cures, Writing Cures, and Drawing Cures;
Singing Cures, Acting Cures, and Dancing Cures-
All sorts of cures for all sorts of ailments:
Physical, Mental, and Spiritual-
Medical, Psychiatric, and Religious-
Internal, External, Social and Environmental.
I work at all levels with various tools:
Scientific/Artistic, Emotional, and Natural,
Philosophical, Intellectual, and Biological.

Yet I can’t cure Everyone:
The Vulnerable Victims, Abhorred Aggressors, or
Protect the Neutral By-Standers.
I can, at times feel Isolated and somewhat Helpless,
Ultimately, it’s on Them;
They have to do the work… and it is Mental.

I can’t cure my Friends, Family, or even
Myself; I can’t save the World Alone-
Fate… Destiny… Fortune… All tend to be temperamental.
I have to work with and for Countries,
Societies, Communities, Families, and Individuals.

I am a Healer, I am afflicted, a Dreamer;
Hope and Faith, Arts and Sciences are my Redeemers-

I am a Social Worker
Trying to Shape the World
Trying to Transform and
Morph into a Miracle Maker.


Written by Mr. Francis Lora, LMSW (CC’03/CUSSW’09) Inpatient Psychiatric Social Worker at New York State Psychiatric Institute’s Washington Heights Community Services, Therapist at Metropolitan Center for Mental Health, and Independent Life Coach & Consultant.

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